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Creating "res/values-XX/strings.xml" files for each localization with build.settings
Started by atanasovskyjiri Mar 26 2020 09:35 AM

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I would like to create strings.xml files for each language my app supports. They should be each in values-XX folders, f.e. res/values-cs/strings.xml for Google play to detect localization.


I started only with title of app localized. I created strings.xml file:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <string name="app_name">Localized name for app</string>

This file should be in res/values/strings.xml in apk.


I found this build setting that might help me do this:

apkFiles — This directive causes files to be copied from the project directory to the root of the .apk file, preserving any directory hierarchy. In the following example, google-play-services.json is copied to the root of the .apk and res/raw/mypage.html is copied to res/raw. The file paths are always relative to the base directory of the project.

So I added res/values-cs/strings.xml file to my project folder (where main.lua is) and added this to build.settings:

settings =
	orientation =
		-- Supported values for orientation:
		-- portrait, portraitUpsideDown, landscapeLeft, landscapeRight
		default = "landscapeRight",
		supported = { "landscapeRight", "landscapeLeft" },

	-- Android section
	android =
		usesPermissions =
		apkFiles =

I built app in corona simulator (2020.357) and unpacked .apk package with apktool to make sure that res/values-cs folder was created and strings.xml is in it. It was not there.


I tried to copy file with apkFiles to existing folders to make sure this is not problem but it didnt work either.


What am I missing?