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failed to load .bin file
Started by cyberparkstudios Feb 08 2020 10:08 AM

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Did my first HTML5 build. When building I checked 'include standard resources'.  Corona simulator automatically ran it in browser when build completed.  


BUT, when I went to the folder generated by the HTML5 build, and double clicked  on the 'index.html' ... it would pull up a browser window, show 'downloading...' and an error msg :  "failed to load .bin"


I saw some forum posts with this same issue.. and I tried all the suggestions I found. Cleared the folder completely and redownloaded.  Changed the path to where the html5 download would go to - and each time simulator runs it in the browser on completion of the build...  but when double click of the index.html - it gives same error.


I tried then to build a HTML5 sample from develephant called 'fullcanvas' and same thing... simulator auto ran in in browser, but double click of that index.html - same error.


I have Mac-mini Catalina and Safari 13.0.5 ...  

Using Corona 2020.3567


I did copy the completed build folder to a PC and ran on IE and was able to get double click of index.html to run there.


I am guessing maybe some setting I have on safari?  Just not sure what settings to consider.


Any input on this is appreciated.