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Joint shift due to collision
Started by pahuchiy Dec 25 2019 07:05 AM

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The question is in the comments to the code.

local physics = require('physics')

physics.setGravity( 0, 0 )
physics.setDrawMode( "hybrid" )

local c1 = display.newRect( 100, 200, 40,40 )
local c2 = display.newRect( 100,400, 40, 400 )
c2.fill = {1,0,0}

physics.addBody( c1)
physics.addBody( c2)

physics.newJoint( "pivot", c1,c2,100, 210 )

-- Objects have the same x coordinate (x = 100)
-- Joint exactly in the middle of objects

timer.performWithDelay( 1000,function()
  physics.setGravity( 0, 5 )
  local static = display.newRect( 100, 400, 40, 40)
  physics.addBody( static, "static")
end )
--Now the top cube is a little to the right of the stick. Why? Did the coordinates of the joint change?
--I understand that this is due to a collision with a static object.
--This means you can’t create a new body if during creation it intersects with others?

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I can't test your code at the moment but generally if you create one physics body inside of another, Box2D will resolve the the physics world by pushing the new body to a location outside of the first body.  


This is normal behavior, however, depending on what you are trying to achieve you can turn the first body into a sensor or use collision filters to allow both bodies to occupy the same physics space.  I hope that helps.