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Mach 3 - Program Explanation
Started by valdareehux Dec 24 2019 07:19 PM

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Okay guys so I'm new here,

just downloaded corona SDK, Atom editor, and finished 'getting started' part.

so far so good, I'm starting to like Corona, so I decided to dig deeper.


Now I'm trying to READ what's inside of Mach 3 Space RPG,

not going to make any game soon, just trying to understand the logic and game flow.


downloaded it from the market, open it with Atom, and WOW !!!

I got overwhelmed by Mach 3 codes, and don't really know where to start reading,

can we have some explanation about what's going on in Mach 3?

something like star explorer on 'getting started'.


my plan is building a game which is tactical RPG, and I think Mach 3 might have some correlation with,

because other demo projects are side-scrollers, that's why I'm trying to understand Mach 3.



*I searched on youtube about mach 3, yes I found it, but didn't help much either.



thanks for any reply, merry christmas and happy new year  ;)

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Rob Miracle

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Rob Miracle
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Welcome to the Corona Forums!


Do you mean Match 3?


Your best place to start is the Getting Started guide. http://docs.coronalabs.com/guide/programming/index.html



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