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Pasteboard plugin issue
Started by Lourenco Dec 15 2019 10:08 AM

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Good morning,

I have an issue with the pasteboard plugin. Is it intended to prevent doing copy/paste operations in the app?

Does not seem to work with native textbox. Or am I doing something wrong...


local pasteboard = require( "plugin.pasteboard" ) 

local screenW = display.contentWidth
local screenH = display.contentHeight

local messageTxtBox 

messageTxtBox = native.newTextBox (screenW / 2, 150, screenW - 20, 100) 
messageTxtBox.text = "Hello world!!!" 

pasteboard.setAllowedTypes( nil )


I can still copy and paste in the textbox.


Corona Build Version 2019.3556 (2019.11.25)

Device : Galaxy Tab S5e