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Can't release APK in Play Store: Unoptimized APK
Started by nickolascarlos Nov 23 2019 08:50 AM

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I'm trying to release my app in the Play Store, but it says (a warning) my APK is unoptimized and, due to this, does not let me release it at all.


Warning: https://prnt.sc/q11p9j


How can I work it out?

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Rob Miracle

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Rob Miracle
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Hi @nickolascarios.


First, that's a Warning and not an Error. It will not block you from submitting your app. To get this warning to go away, you need to submit a .aab file, not a .apk file. You need to be running the latest daily build, to get a .aab file. It's also required because Google requires 64-bit support, and Android SDK 28 support, both which were added as part of our massive Android update, which you get with the latest daily build.


If you want the warning to go away, build with the latest daily build and submit the .aab file that's submitted. You will also have to move to Google based App signing as well to use .aab files.




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