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Upload text data and image to an AWS ec2 server from Corona SDK App (game) - Use Network Library and JSON... help/clarification
Started by henson802 Nov 19 2019 01:04 PM

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As a quick basic overview - I'm pretty familar with front end stuff - how to save data (json text table) locally via corona sdk. 


Now I am creating a game for iOS devices and want to store some data for leaderboards.  I could use 'gamecenter' as an easy defined method - but want to learn more about databases and doing it myself.  Also, and this is essential, I want to be able to store an image in the database / server and gamecenter doesn't allow that to my knowledge?


Assuming I'll be able to use the Network library to upload/access JSON data - is best method to encode the image file as base64 and include that in the JSON data with it's own tag , then upload that to the server?  Is there a tutorial or an example of doing this?


The overal idea of the game, at some point, show the 'top five' and will have an image along with the data (score) that I could fetch from server at given point of game (end of round).  The image is just a screen capture and I already know how to do that with Corona SDK.  I'm just a little foggy about how the backend should be setup.  Would it be benefitical to get an actual database - could I reasonably do this with SQLite?  This is a solo-indie project so having this far reaching database is probably not realistic if it's not free :)


Any insights would be appreciated!