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Debug build gives error: Error code 256
Started by bamazy Nov 06 2019 08:58 PM

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Hi all! 


I have a weird problem for a long time but everytime I was facing the problem I was just skipping opening a topic. However, today facing the problem again, I decided to write about it. Every time I build for production and then switch to debug build, at the end of the build I get the "cannot recover key" error. After that I restart the Corona Simulator and build again, it works. I have even tried clicking on the build button and then just right after it cancelling the build, restarting the simulator and trying building again but it has not worked. It's like I have to build, fail, restart and then build got debug.


Has anybody such a problem? It's disgusting after waiting about 10 minutes for the build, getting the error and start and wait for another 10 minutes. 


Here is the log: https://pastebin.com/JeNuuCwX

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ugh... Sorry about that. We'll look into it.