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Black Screen when Ad Should Show (Ad Mob Plug In0
Started by isaiahkronstad83 Nov 06 2019 03:50 AM

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I'm using the paid AdMob plugin and I am encountering a bug with showing the interstitial ad where sometimes the ad doesn't show and instead the screen turns black.


The AdMob plugin is setup as detailed in the documentation and I've set up the applicationChildElements as described in the build.settings.


I haven't tested this on iOS yet, but on Android, most of the time the ads load just fine, but sometimes there's just a black screen. There is no error. Touching the screen does nothing, but pressing the back button nav key on Android returns the app to where it was before the ad was supposed to be shown. The app then continues without any issues as if the ad was never shown. While I can get past this issue, I don't want my players to encounter this as they will think that the app crashed even though it is just the AdMob plugin.


I read that other developers had recently had issues with black screens showing on AdMob as well. Any suggestions on how to fix this and can the Corona team have a look at this issue?



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Rob Miracle

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Rob Miracle
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You need to tether your device to your computer and run "adb logcat" and capture the console log of the device and see what error messages you're getting.