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Inconsistent map marker behaviour between local Android debug and Google Play builds
Started by apps5 Nov 05 2019 06:11 AM

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I'm updating an existing app I've had out for some time (London Explorer) on both iOS and Android. I'm encountering inconsistent behaviours with map markers on Android. iOS has no problems.

The map markers appear and behave as they always have when I do a debug build and install and test locally on various Android devices via Live Server. However, when I build with my Google Play license and submit it for beta test release on Google Play, none of the map markers appear. The rest of the app works fine, graphics, maps etc – there are just no map markers.
Summary: on the debug local Android build, and on iOS, the maps and map markers work fine as they always have. But on the same build distributed via Google Play they don't. 
I've put in timers to re-test with various length pauses before the markers are added to the map (even though they work fine on debug/local builds), but this has made no difference with the Google Play builds. I've tried recent various Corona versions, from 3521 to 3545 and the problem remains as above.
Any ideas on why this could be? All ideas very welcome!


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