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Where/How to store ONE MAIN REFERENCE to the player which is used across all scenes
Started by nml2727 Oct 28 2019 11:26 AM

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I thought I had a nice game coming along until....


I added the option to go from the game.lua to the main_menu scene and back again.  Now on the second time I replay the game, everything is freaking out as I clearly have multiple references to the player happening.


Here is what I'm currently doing regarding my player:


In my main game.lua:

local player

function scene:show(event)

    player = player_maker.create(options_about_player)

    -- occasionally get info about the player like
    -- player.lives
    -- player.score
    -- etc etc etc


Then in my player_maker.lua:

local M = {}

local player
local lives

local movePlayer(event)
   -- code that moves player around

local function onTouch(event)

function M.create(options_about_player)
    player = display.newSprite(sheet, sequences)
    player.lives = lives
    -- you get the idea, more player related code in here

    return player

return M

So my question is, how am I supposed to store just 1 player?  I believe I've seen some code where there is a destroy() method which cleans up everything but I'm not really sure how exactly that is supposed to be done.


Can someone please give me the general principles on how I should be creating/storing/accessing one player when I'm switching back and forth between the game scene?

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I assume you are using composer library, so instead of creating your player in the "show" scene - move your code to the "create" scene,


in addition, bare in mind that the "show" scene invoked twice when moving to the scene - two phases , one named "will" and one named "did"


good luck

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Try inserting the player into the scene group

function scene:create( event )
    -- Assign "self.view" to local variable "sceneGroup" for easy reference
    local sceneGroup = self.view
    player = player_maker.create(options_about_player)
    -- Insert player into "sceneGroup"
    sceneGroup:insert( player )


Remember to destroy the scene group when you are finished so it removes the player or manually remove the player

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