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Problem in Admob integration with Corona SDK
Started by imd Oct 02 2019 03:39 AM

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admob corona not showing banner unit id
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Hi guys,

I recently developed a game and published it on Play Store. But when I integrated Admob with Corona SDK, it doesn't load even though it works fine with Google Ad test units.


I initiated admob plugin in main.lua, and loaded the "Banner" ad in the listener when initiated successfully. Then I showed the ad in another lua file when "isLoaded" returns true.


I published the app with my Admob Ad unit IDs with "testMode = false", but it doesn't load at all.


So, is there anything left I need to do in Corona? or do I need to activate something in Admob?

Or do I just have to wait for the game to reach a certain amount of downloads and it will load the ads automatically?



Sherif Hamdy

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Rob Miracle

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Rob Miracle
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You asked the same question on the support channel. It's always best to ask these questions here. Please only ask in one place as this doubles the work we have to do when you ask the same question in multiple channels.  


The Forums are always the preferable place to ask questions like this since you:

a. have access to multiple developers who have experience

b. Forums are searchable, so others can find answers to similar questions

c. Answers benefit the entire community.


Here is the answer I provided:


Make sure to read this tutorial: http://docs.coronalabs.com/tutorial/basics/ads/index.html


In particular the section on debugging ad problems.


It sounds like there may not be enough fill for your region, but until you put in the right code in the listener to print out the values returned from the ad API calls and see what the SDK is reporting as the problem, we can only guess as to what the problem is.





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