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Low Graphics-mode for older devices
Started by marksumarksu Oct 02 2019 01:10 AM

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I am working on an app which will feature some pretty heavy graphical effects, which works fine on newer devices. But I fear that they will be a bit slow and janky on older devices (both iOS and Android).


I would like to implement a sort of "lo-fi", low graphics mode where I remove some of these effects. For this I am thinking it would be nice to have an automatic detection of older devices in a function, so I can automatically set this - i.e. detecting if the device has a "lower performance" CPU etc, like if shouldDeviceUseLoFiMode() == true.


Has anybody implemented something similiar? How would you go on about detecting "older" devices - for iOS I could hard code older models' "architectureInfo", but it seems that would be trickier with Android.


Hardwarde architecture isn't really an area I know too much about so any input would be appreciated!