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Bin Boing Game - I would like to know what you think
Started by dodi_games Oct 01 2019 04:12 PM

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Hi, today I come to tell you about my first game as an indie developer. I did it! Bin Boing is the easiest free game you can find. Help Bin do his Boing to reach the goal, easy, right? Avoid falling, Bin does not like to be without jumping. Challenging physics-based gameplay. Play 30 levels, more levels coming soon. Download and play for FREE!


Let me tell you a little about how this game arises. I was looking for a different idea trying not to clone any common game mechanics. One day I'm playing with my 4 years old daughter in the hallway of my house with a blue ball, very common where I live to play handball. Suddenly I got the idea of bouncing the ball from wall to wall and I could see how my daughter couldn't stop laughing. That's what fun is about. Quickly my brain went into production mode and I thought: how can I stop this ball? I only had two options. The first option was to try to touch the ball to change its course and the second was to try to catch it, the second one being the most difficult because of the speed in which the balls bounce in small spaces. Quick I thought, this is the mechanics of my game, hugged my daughter for the moment of joy and for taking me on the road to find that idea. When we finished playing, my daughter told me something like "b boi" which I could translate as Bin Boing and she said "yes papa". Believe me it was magical.

I Developed 60% of the idea and this is the result. I would like to know what you think about my game. I'm still developing it, correcting some bugs, but, I decided to publish it in Google Play




Google Play: Download


Thanks in advance


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Rob Miracle

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