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Google play protect - test an official game outside Google Play
Started by dodi_games Sep 26 2019 12:29 PM

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Hello everyone! I don't want to be penalized in Google Play, Admob, Appodeal, etc. The question is simple: can I use the official .apk that I will upload to Google Play before uploading it? I need to try my game live with everything active and connect it to the logcat to debug. The game is already in Google Play, but when I pass it to my test device via USB, Dropbox, etc, the message of Google play protect appears, as it recognizes that this game is in Google play and I am not installing it properly. What I want to avoid are penalties for the use of that practice.

Thanks in advance

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Most of the ad providers will not care, but Facebook Audience Network has blocked my app if they notice traffic coming from non google or apple store. Just turn off Facebook in the Appodeal control panel until you finish testing.