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Started by el_dani Aug 17 2019 12:58 PM

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I was looking through the same code for the Match-Three-Space-RPG and found multiple files having endings in mobile and desktop, once on the build.settings file having a copy 'build.settings.mobile' and '[...].desktop; As well as the game scene having 2 copies called 'gameDesktop' and 'gameMobile', while there is no code that would ever use the specific versions of the file. I was initially expecting something like a C/C++ compilernote changing the line that calls the file depending on the plattform for which it is built.


Links to GitHub:





So my question is, does Corona change those files automatically when building for mobile or desktop, or is the idea that we just change the files manually before building, as this code is just a tutorial?


I could not find any information so I hope you can assist me, and thank you in advance!


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Rob Miracle

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Rob Miracle
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No Corona doesn't manage different versions of build.settings. I believe the creator is copying either the .mobile or .desktop versions to build.settings depending on what they are building for. There are few reasons to do this in most cases, but in many cases it's just a convenience.