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Is there listview / listbox / combobox widgets ?
Started by teterinis Jul 29 2019 01:29 AM

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Try to find listview analog widgets.. nothing found.

Is there listview / listbox / combobox widgets ?

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Rob Miracle

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Rob Miracle
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Our widgets are based on iOS and Android UI elements and were created before desktop support was added, and is just a base starter set to cover many of the core items.


listview can be done with widget.newTableView

listbox can probably be done with a widget.newTableView as well, just with some styling changes (hide divider lines, draw it on top of a box a few pixels bigger to get a border, and then watch the onRowTouched() event to show the selected data. This widget kind of blurs the line on iOS of a picker wheel. We have a widget for this.

combobox is handled on mobile as a widget.newPickerWheel.


Now these paradigm's don't play well for building HTML or desktop style apps.