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Appsflyer plugin /Facebook Attribution
Started by AsafGibor Jul 24 2019 07:37 AM

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Hi guys,

I want to update my app and implement the Appsflyer plugin in order to attribute paid installs from facebook ads.
I've followed the instructions on the docs but there are still couple of issues I am not certain about.

1) On the facebook ads setup guide on Appsflyer site it states:
"Your app MUST collect IDFA or GAID or all your Facebook installs are attributed as organic."
Corona collects automatically the IDFA/GAID once the plugin is implemented?
If not, what should I do to collect it?

2) Assuming I am not interested in logging events, and only interested in attributing facebook paid installs.
Should I include any other functions when implementing Appsflyer beside- appsflyer.init()?
Basically I added the below functions when opening the app, along with the required setup on build settings

local appsflyer = require( "plugin.appsflyer" )

local function appsflyerListener( event )

appsflyer.init( appsflyerListener,
        appID = "MyAppID",
       devKey = "MyDevKey",
        enableDebugLogging = true,
       hasUserConsent = true

3) If I am missing anything else about appsflyer/FB attribution, please let me know.

am not a developer, and usually I can test things like ads implementations on my device. I keep failing and testing until I succeed.
Unfortunately, as it seem to me now, the only way to know if I implemented it correctly, is only after I update the app and get paid installs on facebook, which can take some time, so a
ny help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Btw, if you want to check my app, feel free to download it from here: