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Project management software
Started by richard11 Jul 23 2019 02:13 AM

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Deviating a little from the usual topics, but I'm wondering if there are many people here who use project management software but aren't totally happy with your current system?


Long story short, we've used various systems over the years and at one point my partner, Kate, sat down and signed up to literally hundreds of systems looking for a perfect fit for us. In the end we decided to stick with one of these systems just because it hooked up to our accounting software nicely, but we were never completely happy with how it works and we've been paying I think £50 p/m to it for a few years now, figuring that "one day" we'll build a system of our own.


Problem is, £50 p/m might be a lot for a system we're not happy with, but it's nothing compared to the development time of building a replacement, so we've just never moved on.


If though, there are enough people who would consider switching to our system once it's built, then spending time on this becomes more viable. I'd therefore be interested to know how many people here would be interested, what exactly we'd need to build to win your business, and how much you currently pay for your current system, if anything?