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Is possible to upload my app to AppStore?
Started by nacho.gbm91 Jul 21 2019 07:28 AM

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I just wanted to know if i could upload my own app to AppStore. I want to download it in my mobile phone. Is there another possibility to do that? 

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Rob Miracle

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Rob Miracle
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Yes, it's possible. Depending on your development environment, you may have to take a few extra steps.


1. To build something you can deploy to Apple's App store, it has to be done from a Mac. If you have a Window's PC, you can either look for a cheap used Mac Mini or use the MacInCloud service.


2. You have to have an Apple Developer account which has a $99 + tax USD fee per year. This is for all Apple developers. It's paid to Apple. It's not a Corona fee.


3. You have to learn about Apple certificates, bundle creation, provisioning. You have to setup your store entry for Apple's App Store, which means writing descriptions, providing screen shots etc.


But Apple iOS is one of the OS's that's our main focus and Corona will produce the proper .ipa file needed to upload using Apple's Application Uploader tool.


We have a guide in our documentation on this. It's a bit dated, because we can't keep updating our documentation every time Apple or Google makes a change to their services. There are plenty of tutorials that can be found on an Internet search on how to setup your Apple developer account, your App Store app entry and uploading the .ipa file to the store.




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