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Android Custom Camera Preview version 2 released
Started by richard11 Jul 20 2019 12:57 PM

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For those already using our camera plugin, and anybody who's been waiting for it to support front facing cameras, v2 is now released incorporating quite a few updates...
- Completely rewritten with tonnes of code optimisations for better stability, performance, and support for newer devices.
- Added support for front facing and externally connected cameras.
- Added support for grouped camera configurations where multiple physical cameras make up a single logical device.
- Better quality previews and photos. Both are now full resolution and as close as possible to the screens native pixel ratio.
- Extended the start() function to allow passing "back", "front", or a device ID to allow selecting a specific camera device.
- Added cameras() function to return the list of connected camera devices. Function returns device ID, direction facing, and resolution.
- Device orientation is now monitored independently of whether the Corona app is locked to portrait/landscape modes, allowing the resulting photos to inherit proper orientation information. I.e. photos now always display upright.
- Screen now always stays on while the camera preview is active.
- Fixed an issue where some devices showed a skewed preview.