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Problem with inputType = "number"
Started by RayCardillo Jul 18 2019 08:48 PM

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I have a text input that gets initialized like this:

    bpmTextInput.align = "center"
    bpmTextInput.inputType = "number"
    bpmTextInput.autocorrectionType = "UITextAutocorrectionTypeNo"
    bpmTextInput.spellCheckingType = "UITextSpellCheckingTypeNo"
    bpmTextInput:setReturnKey( "go" )
    bpmTextInput:addEventListener( "userInput", bpmTextListener )

This code seems to work fine on Android but on iOS there is no way to enter the value. I cannot even "touch away" to loose focus. There is no "go" or "enter" button in the number keypad that's displayed. In simulator, I can just "touch away" so I didn't notice this until a user pointed it out.

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Rob Miracle

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Rob Miracle
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Can you put together a complete sample (main.lua, config.lua, build.settings) that demos what you're trying to do and put it in a .zip file, upload it to Google Drive, Dropbox etc. and share the URL with us.


The snippet is a bit too little to go on.