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FAN Plugin SDK too old
Started by SGS Jul 18 2019 03:47 AM

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Hi guys


I'm trying to add FAN to my games - following a phone call from them wanting my business.

Two questions,


1. Why is reward not supported  (this is the only ad type I use) ? 


2. Why doesn't it even work?  Here is the log

Corona  : table: 0xbdcfed60 {
Corona  :   [type] => "interstitial"
Corona  :   [isError] => true
Corona  :   [phase] => "failed"
Corona  :   [provider] => "fbAudienceNetwork"
Corona  :   [name] => "adsRequest"
Corona  :   [response] => "Error Code: 1203. Reason: The SDK version in the ad request is no longer supported for new apps. Please upgrade to one of the latest versions of the SDK"
Corona  : }

Is this something that can be fixed?  Otherwise there is no point in buying the plugin!





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Hello Corona team, Please help us on this issue. I have also purchased this and if this does not work then it will be an issue for us.

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Rob Miracle

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Rob Miracle
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I'm investigating.