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How does Corona work with cutouts on the modern phones screen's?
Started by stalxerhd Jun 22 2019 10:42 AM

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How does Corona work with cutouts on the modern phones screen's?
I don't have a modern phone to test myself, so I want to ask about it. I mean these cutouts (attached). 
I had watched some videos, and game apps very often go full widescreen, so these areas (for front camera and sensors) - on top of the smartphone - are also in use. 
But if I want to use a top part of the phone for gameplay info (speed, score, lives, what's coming next, messages, etc how I could now, what part in pixels I shouldn't use?
There is another problem - these cutouts are very different. Big or small, like a circle or like a rectangle.
I already made resolution-independent prototype, so I use such commands like

But I forgot about cutoffs and now apprehend, that some info may be hidden or not fully visible...


Will it happen?

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Rob Miracle

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Rob Miracle
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Corona has API's that are for devices with Notches. Look for the display.* API's with the word "Safe" in their name. However I believe they are only working correctly on iOS devices. My understanding is that we will need to target Android SDK 28 (Android 9/Pie) before notch support will work. We have to get 64-bit out the door then we will address SDK 28. Then there may need to be more work to hook up those API's to our existing safe zone APIs.




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