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Corona Shell
Started by larpoux Jun 16 2019 12:58 AM

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corona shell shell
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I spent several days (too many days  :( ), trying to understand how to build a MacOS version of my App.

Until I discovered the great "Corona Shell".


I really suggest :

  • Adding some lines about MacOS (and probably Windows and Linux) in the documentation and README of Corona Native.
  • Provide an already built Corona Shell in Corona/Native/mac/bin for people who does not like to build their App from Corona sources
  • Provide the CoronaCards.framework in Corona/Native/... for people who need to rebuild their MacOS app, but does not want to recompile all the Corona Engine from the github repository
  • Explain somewhere that we have to put a Corona directory inside myApp/Contents/Resources with a main.lua file. (maybe I did not look correctly the documentation, but I had to look to the sources to find that)
  • Explain that we need to put our native plugin.dylib into myApp/Contents/MacOS (it was easy to figure this point, but better to document it)
  • Add a build.sh inside Corona/Native/ProjectTemplate/App/mac that does the two previous points (not very important if Corona Native is correctly documented, but I had to create this build myself)


Corona Native is very very interesting. But many things can be improved so that Free Geeks can use it without spending weeks with stupid problems.

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Thanks for posting, but it would help a lot if you could go to the page you found unhelpful and use the 'report and issue' button at the bottom.


That way, the issue is linked to the page.  This way the person fielding the issue doesn't have to figure out which page you found less than useful.