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Appsflyer Sdk Out-of-date
Started by htlads.vn Jun 14 2019 03:17 AM

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I have integrated appsflyer with the instructions.
But I could not follow non-organic install.
The current version of appsflyer is 4.10. Appsflyer in corona is 4.8.12.
I have seen appsflyer announcing about the new version.
Version 4.10.0 - May 14, 2019
  • trackAppLaunchWithCompletionHandler API for handling success or failure of tracking app launch
  • completionHandler API for handling success or failure of recording in-app events
  • Bug fixes and maintenance



Maybe this makes it impossible to track non-organic install.
Update it soon, or teach me some way to do it (call a native function).
Thank you very much, I needed it very quickly.

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appsFlyer tracks organic and paid just fine using Corona.  I used it for Facebook attribution.


Make sure all your IDs are correct and you've configured your appsFlyer account properly.