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A good online T-shirt printing service?
Started by johnwilliam7767 Jun 13 2019 10:02 PM

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who/where is a good place to get T-shirts printed? I'm making designs and I want to print them and sell them, and most places I've looked that have an on demand print service (cafepress, spreadshirt, etc.) charge a lot to get them printed, to the point where I'd only be making a dollar or so for every shirt to get them anywhere near affordable! 

*I've already tried garmentprinting and tshirtplus as well as Zazzle.*

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Small runs, particularly individual prints, are generally expensive because it's the calibration and colour testing etc that takes the most time, and you've to do that regardless of the run size so with a smaller run, there are fewer items to split that cost over.

I have a merchandise client who does all sorts of print and embroidery applications but I believe only touches large runs. I.e. thousands at a time.

I also have a designer who does individual prints and generally doesn't charge much - it's a side hobby for him - but he doesn't do many application types.

Both of which are UK based. If you're not UK, shipping costs and delays would presumably be an issue. Otherwise I could see if either are interested in working with you?

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Rob Miracle

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This original post is clearly spam and way off topic. I've removed the links and will be locking this thread.


@johnwilliam7767 please only post things directly related to developing with Corona. Future off topic posts will get you flagged as a spammer and blocked.