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Corona Discord Server?
Started by JoePringles Jun 03 2019 12:52 PM

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I know there's slack but I don't use that at all and also its not very universal like discord.


Anywho, can we get a discord server where all us devs can all chat in harmony?


A place where we can all collab and discuss about life and stuff.


We can all hang around like Aristotle and his greek home boys


Because in the words of tommy james and the shondells:



Maybe tomorrow
When he looks down
On every green field, ooh, ooh
And every town
All of his children
And every nation
They'll be peace and good brotherhood
Crystal blue persuasion, yeah
Crystal blue persuasion, aha


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XeduR @Spyric

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XeduR @Spyric
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There was a thread about this some time ago, but only 2-3 people seemed interested at the time.

It could be that once a Discord channel is set up, people would slowly join, but there's no way of knowing unless someone actually takes the effort to create one. I believe I remember Rob saying in the other thread that Corona Labs already has enough channels to manage and doesn't see the need in creating a new one, but you are free to do as you want.

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Rob Miracle

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Rob Miracle
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Here is the specific thread that @XeduR is referring to:




I'm going to lock this thread. If you want to discuss Discord more, do it there.