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Development laptop
Started by andrew.walker2 Jun 03 2019 03:28 AM

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Hi guys. I am looking for a new laptop that I can use for my Corona development and some gaming, Kinda lightweight because I am traveling a lot. Plus affordable (<$300). I am thinking about the Acer Aspire 1. You guys think it's a good choice?


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I love lenovo and hp laptops, the first ones for blazing fast performance and the second ones for its beautiful design


You should decide based on what you like.


I for example prefer design and portability over performance, don't get me wrong, when I'm looking for portable laptops with

high quality materials and long battery life and that stuff I also try to find the most powerful because I like 13 inch screens and

most of them are pretty weak.


I love Lenovo Flex 6 11 and hp probook series but they are very "expensive"