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Corona Simulator and AppCoronaDelegate
Started by larpoux May 31 2019 08:10 AM

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Hi guys and girls


I use my own AppCoronaDelegate with iOS and it works fine.

@interface AppCoronaDelegate : UIResponder <UIApplicationDelegate, FlutterAppLifeCycleProvider>

My questions is : is it possible to use my plugin with the Corona Simulator without having to patch it specifically for my plugin ?

Or is there a better way to share my Corona App with a native App ?


[Edit] : Alan Thomson gave me an answer that sounds good to my ears. Here is his answer:


I believe the metadata that gets supplied with a plugin allows you to specify Delegate files:

local metadata =
    plugin =
        format = "staticLibrary",
        staticLibs = { "plugin_yourPluginName", },
        frameworks = {"theSDKYouNeed",},
        frameworksOptional = {},
        delegates = { "YourUniqueCoronaAppDelegate" }

return metadata