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How to make multiple animation for an object by multiple image in Corona SDK?
Started by votrongtin882003 May 18 2019 12:28 AM

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I just learned programming with Corona SDK. Recently I have a problem in animate the object. I have seen all the instructions about animation in corona and I saw it just present about how to make animation for object with a single image( they use one image to make the object have two or more animation) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VsA2agBAWho&t=322s .

I have followed suit and the problem begin when I find the asset on the Internet, the link here: https://finalbossblues.itch.io/pixel-platformer-pack?download . As you can see, the folder have multiple image for multiple animation. I have no idea and no reference to animate all the animation for my player by multiple image( but I can do that with a single image).

I have found all the way to solve them on the Internet but there no result suitable for me. :((

As the result, i have a dump and poor code:

-- main.lua

-- My code here

local sheetData = {
width = 30,
height = 44,
numFrames = 6,
sheetContentWidth = 181,
sheetContentHeight = 44 }

local mySheet = graphics.newImageSheet( "walk.png", sheetData )

local sequenceData = {
{ name = "normalrun", start = 1, count = 6, time = 800 }

local animation = display.newSprite( mySheet, sequenceData )
animation.y= 300

just make 1 animation :((

And now, I just have two ways to choose. One is use some method to animate multiple animation by multiple image ( You will help me in this side, I really need your help!). Two is combine all image to one :)) ( look so cheat ).

Thank you a lot to help me and so sorry because my English is not good, I am Vietnamese I use GG Translate. This is my first step in game development and I dont want to be defeated. I want to integrated all animation into my player( like walk, jump, attack...) and call it to use when I want ( with multiple Image). Please sympathize with me because I was asking so stupid.

Thanks you so much. Hope there will be a way to help me :)) It will be more good if you show me the example.


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From what I understand from your question. You probably would want to look at a spritesheet tool.

You can even find them online. For example https://www.leshylabs.com/apps/sstool/. This takes you to leshy spritesheet tool.


What you would want to do is drag all the individual images to the leshy tool in your browser. This generates a spritesheet( all images combined in a single compact image).


Next step, just look at documentation for multiple sequence in animating the sprites to get different animation from same spritesheet.



For example from the above code you have provided:-

local sequenceData = {

      { name = "normalrun", start = 1, count = 6, time = 800 }
      { name = "fastrun", frames = {2,3,4,1}, time = 800 }
      { name = "jump", frames = {2,2,3}, time = 300 }