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Using bluetooth to connect two devices and send datas
Started by max.martiniani May 16 2019 05:36 AM

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Hi guys.
I have a question : is it possible to use bluetooth to connect two devices and send datas from one device to another. The datas will be verry simple : just a long serie of numbers and letters (pretty much like a code). The idea is to create characters based on a serie of numbers (for exemple the first number determines the color of hair and 1 means the character will have brown hair, the second number determines its strenght and 30 will mean he will have 30 of strengh, etc). So the two players can use bluetooth of their devices to check each other characters etc.

If it is possible do tou have some links/tutorials/explanations to send me to that could help ? I usually worl with Love 2D but I want to make a mobile game using Corona in the future...

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Rob Miracle

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Rob Miracle
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Hi @max.martiniani and welcome to the Corona forums. Corona doesn't directly support bluetooth. However, there are multiple plugins in our Marketplace (https://marketplace.coronalabs.com) that do Bluetooth communications.


You probably could get assistance from the plugin creators if you have questions about how to use them that's not addressed in their documentation.