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InMobi issues
Started by hgastgeb May 10 2019 10:01 AM

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Hi all,


We recently switched to using inMobi for banner ads and are having some issues.


iOS - We have the ads running and showing up in our iOS app; however, they are only sometimes centered and sometimes are not. Is there any way to correct/control this? Also, we sometimes do not get an ad at all. Any tips on how to get more ads?


Android - We cannot get ads to run successfully on Android even though we have them running successfully in the iOS version of our app. It seems like our code is correct and that we are just not getting any ads delivered. But why? What can we do to fix this. 


04-17 17:51:36.337 21193 21193 I Corona : plugin.inMobi: 1.1.9 (SDK: 7.1.1)
04-17 17:51:36.440 21193 21213 I Corona : [?.0] AD server initialized. Placement ID: 1546927332961
04-17 17:51:38.831 21193 21213 I Corona : [?.0] ERROR: Ads failed to load. Placement ID: 1546927332961
04-17 17:51:38.832 21193 21213 I Corona : [?.0] NO_FILL - Ad request successful but no ad served.


We tried RevMob in the past and were not happy with it. We also used AdMob until it required payment. I think InMobi is the only option left for use of banner ads without paying. We do not have enough downloads to benefit from using Appodeal. So we really would like to get inMobi working properly.


Thanks so much!!!

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Appodeal won't stop you from using their plugin. You can use just InMobi and the Core if that is what you want but I would recommend Admob at least.


I use StartApp on Amazon apps. They are also free and have banner ads.

The Facebook also has a free version and they also have banner ads.