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Show a photo in Display
Started by jjrey95 Apr 24 2019 12:50 PM

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Good afternoon,

I have a question regarding access to the camera and the photo gallery, I know there are forums and information that exists on this subject. I can currently choose between taking the photo or just accessing the camera, but I can not do that by pressing a button, the option to take a photo or access the gallery appears. In the same way when I bring the image of the gallery and show it on the screen, I save it in baseDir = system.DocumentsDirectory but in the same way I need to save that photograph in a database and I do not know how to do it, I do not know if you can take the address where the photograph is saved and send it to the database. Besides this in the simulator it works very well at the moment of saving and showing the photo on the screen, but when it comes to testing on an Android device, it does not let me insert the photo, select it but never show it, in ios if it works normal.

I would really appreciate if you can help me.