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Trying to achieve a torque affect but running into some issues.
Started by kieron.mcdougall8473 Apr 22 2019 10:19 AM

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Hey all,


I'm pretty new to Corona and Lua as a language but I'm trying to make a start on my own game. However, I am running into an issue that I'm hoping one of you may have a solution to.


In my game, I have a ball that collides with a static object which is a paddle. I want the ball to rotate after it collides with the paddle and this works to an extent. I have set my balls bounce to 1 and set the paddle to 0 and I know that this keeps it bouncing to the same height each time. The problem really comes when I apply torque to the ball. When the ball hits the paddle I want the ball to bounce back up (as it does) and I also want it to rotate the image. However, I am finding with using the object:applyTorque my ball does spin as intended however each time it collides with my paddle it jumps higher and higher each time.


If anyone has any ideas of a way to stop this from happening, or if I should be using a different function please let me know. 


Thanks for taking the time to read this :)



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My guess would be the that force from the torque is "spilling over" into the collision or creating an immediate secondary collision.



1. add angular damping to the ball

2. try playing around with angular impulse instead of torque - it might feel more natural

3. apply the torque or angular impulse with a delay so the rotation is applied after the bounce has started