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Android Build Setup with admob keeps coming up with "you are not subscribed.." BUT i am !
Started by edualc Apr 12 2019 01:41 AM

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i'm trying to build with the admob plugin which i have registered but it constantly comes up with the message attached and below.

I was able to run the admob Corona little demo successfully at work with a brand new install of corona + jdk but no luck here on my home computer.

One symptom is that the package keeps coming with the wrong email address/User Account (also an email of mine but not the one i have registered with admob nor the one i use for Corona)

what am I doing wrong ? where does the package come from ? I have changed it to the email i use for Corona

but to no avail.

if I go to https://marketplace.coronalabs.com/corona-plugins/admob it shows Admob is 'Activated'


even if i force the package to use the correct email it still refers to user Account: claude@debetaz.com


what am I doing wrong ?

9:37:06.631  A device build error occurred on the server. 
19:37:06.631  Error: You are not subscribed to the following plugin:
19:37:06.631  Plugin: `plugin.admob` 
19:37:06.631  Publisher: `com.coronalabs` 
19:37:06.631  User Account: `claude@debetaz.com`
19:37:06.631  Click [here](https://store.coronalabs.com/plugins/com.coronalabs/plugin.admob) to subscribe and then try the build again.


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Rob Miracle

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Rob Miracle
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I believe we have been dealing with this through support.


For any one who runs into this, make sure you are logged into Corona with the same account you made your marketplace purchase.  All Corona activity needs to be on the same email address...