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Unity ads on Kindle for Amazon?
Started by d.mach Apr 07 2019 12:15 AM

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Can Unity ads be shown on a Kindle, so a game can get added to the Amazon AppStore using Unity Ads?


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Unity ads rely on the Google Play store for monetization, so, while you can implement Unity ads on Kindles, you won't be able to make any money from them.


Here's an article direct from Unity that addresses the topic:




Here's the relevant bit:


"Unity Ads does not currently support the following:

  • Web platforms (e.g. WebPlayer, WebGL)
  • Windows Phone
  • Amazon App Store, Amazon Marketplace for downloadable Android games (Note that you can implement Unity Ads in Android games downloaded through Amazon, but all of our campaigns currently advertise apps for the Google Play store. Therefore, ad impressions will not generate revenue unless the user also has access to the Google Play store.)"