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ERROR: Admob not found Toast on Android Native with Appodeal
Started by Mars Interactive Apr 02 2019 03:17 AM

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Mars Interactive

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Mars Interactive
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We've placed the modular version of Appodeal in our Native Android Build (After the all-inclusive one gave us an error of out of date plugins), and we are getting an Android toast saying: "ERROR: Admob not found".


We tried changing the Appodeal Plugin to the Beta version, but after Downloading -> Moving Jar files -> Setting up the manifest file, we are now getting the exact same error toast.


Looking into the downloaded Admob plugin, and it's pretty much empty. No metadata to copy over to manifest and no Jar file to copy either.


Please help,

Mor from Mars.

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It is in the metadata of the base of Appodeal plugin: ["shared.google.play.services.ads"] = "com.coronalabs"

coronaManifest = {
		dependencies = {
			["shared.android.support.v4"] = "com.coronalabs",
			["shared.android.support.v7.appcompat"] = "com.coronalabs",
			["shared.android.support.v7.recyclerview"] = "com.coronalabs",
			["shared.google.play.services.ads"] = "com.coronalabs",
            ["shared.google.play.services.location"] = "com.coronalabs",
            ["shared.google.play.services.gcm"] = "com.coronalabs"