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ios not showing errors in live build
Started by zolnier Mar 29 2019 11:38 AM

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Hey all!  I'm trying to troubleshoot some of the random bugs/errors a few of my users are sharing with me, but they are saying that my app just "locks up" or "hangs/freezes" with no error message, but they are unable to proceed to the next scene (buttons don't work, etc.).  This is odd behavior that I'm trying to replicate, but it's hard when I can't see any error messages.


Is there something I can do for ios to see errors that may be locking up or crashing my app, because it just seems like my app is crashing/hanging on errors, but not providing any popup Corona error messages or anything.  What am I missing?

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Rob Miracle

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Rob Miracle
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Generally I would recommend uploading your app to Apple's TestFlight service. This is the same version as what you would submit to Apple for production. Then download that to your Apple test device and plug it in via USB to your development machine and use Xcode's console to see the device's console as it runs and look for errors that get generated.