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GPGS v2 - Match making tutorial
Started by gorosoft Mar 25 2019 02:03 AM

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Does anybody know how auto match making is done in gpgs plugin v2?


I'm asking help for it because in my game I can match 1v1 but I can't match 2v2.


For example: 


I have a button for 1v1 battle:

myApp.gpgs.multiplayer.realtime.create({automatch = {minPlayers = 1, maxPlayers = 1}}) (Works for a 1v1)


and other button for 3 players game:

myApp.gpgs.multiplayer.realtime.create({automatch = {minPlayers = 2, maxPlayers = 2}}) (Never auto match players, and keeps waiting UI without matching players in all three devices)


am I doing something wrong?


Thank you