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Apple rejected app with "HealthKit". How to fix
Started by Trung Kien Tran Mar 20 2019 06:18 PM

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Trung Kien Tran

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Trung Kien Tran
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My app is build with Corona SDK. I received a message from Apple about using "HealthKit" even though I didn't use it.

How to fix it. Please help me



From Apple

  • 2. 5 Performance: Software Requirements
Guideline 2.5.1 - Performance - Software Requirements

We noticed that your app uses HealthKit, but your app does not appear to include any primary features that require health or fitness data. 

The intended use of HealthKit is to share health or fitness data with other apps or devices, and it should be used only in apps that require this data as a part of the app's core functionality. 

Next Steps

To resolve this issue, please remove any HealthKit functionality from your app, as well as any references to this app’s interactivity with HealthKit from the app or its metadata.



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Download the daily build. This was fixed a while back: