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Cleartext traffic allowed warning on Google play pre launch report
Started by mysticeti Mar 16 2019 11:57 PM

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To the corona team.




I have used 2019.3470 build. I get the following warning in the pre-launch report:


Cleartext traffic allowed for all domains

Your app's Network Security Configuration allows cleartext traffic for all domains. This could allow eavesdroppers to intercept data sent by your app. If that data is sensitive or user-identifiable it could impact the privacy of your users.

Consider only permitting encrypted traffic by setting the  cleartextTrafficPermitted flag to false, or adding an encrypted policy for specific domains.  Learn more


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Rob Miracle

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Rob Miracle
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In daily build 3455, we set cleartextTraficPermitted was set to default to true. I'm not sure the reason for this, other than to remove warnings for people trying to use http://


I'll see if I can get a clarification from Engineering and see if there is a way to control the value.



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Hello! Some ad network integrations require cleartext traffic, not user data is transmitted over it, just some art assets, as far as I understand.


This Google warning should not affect your app performance or ranking on Play Store. It may be a good idea to make this entry optional.

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