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How I can have OneSignal send push notification when a new post is published in Wordpress
Started by bytegeeky Mar 05 2019 11:04 AM

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I have an android app ( Web-view)  for my blog https://geekybyte.in and i have added codes for onesignal push notification. If i send a push notification it sends to every mobile device where my app is installed. 

But if I add a new post , onesignal is not sending any push notification, like it does for the browser.


Is there any way by which OneSignal can send push notification to android app for new posts in wordpress?





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Rob Miracle

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Rob Miracle
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Hi Rajib. These forums are for developers who are using Corona, the cross-platform framework for producing mobile, desktop and TV apps and not to provide support for using OneSignal, unless it's using OneSignal in a Corona made app.


Perhaps a community developer knows the answer, but you're likely going to have better luck with a OneSignal specific forum or a forum like StackOverflow.