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appsFlyer plugin question
Started by andre895 Feb 27 2019 12:20 AM

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appsflyer plugin
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i have a question regarding the appsFlyer plugin i want to integrate. In the documentation to initialize the plugin there are two params required => appID and devKey, the doc points out that both values are gathered from the AppsFlyer system. The dev key is provided after registration, but i could not find the appID, so i contacted the appsFlyer support. But they cant help with this value and they do not support the plugin.


Is this value not recommended at all and the doc is incorrect here or do i miss or oversee something and i have to add the package name as the id (for Android)?


Any help or hints would be great.




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The app id for apple is assigned by apple something like idXXXXXXX. You can get it from app url or the connect console.

The app id for Google is something like com.nameofcompany.nameofgame. You typed it in when you built the game.


But both are there in plain site under the app in Appflyer:


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As a side note, the Appflyer plugin doesn't really work for me anymore. I can't get it to record non-organic installs.

The Tenjin one I think works on iOS but doesn't seem to work on Android (invalid id sent). Talked to them and they don't support the plugin.

The only one that works is Kochava but the free version does not keep track of revenue. The cheapest option they have for the paid version is US $100/month.


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