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composer.loadScene acts like composer.gotoScene
Started by patrick.gerull Feb 21 2019 03:39 PM

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composer loadscene gotoscene
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first of all, I am an absolute beginner at Corona, so I guess, I just ran into some newbie-problems.

Here is the issue:


Because I am loading quite a few images in a scene:create-function, my app simply does not manage to display a scene transition while loading, placing and resizing those images within a for loop.


So my solution is, to load the scene in my "main-lua", then entering a "menue.lua" from where I finally can enter my image-heavy "ownstory.lua".


The problem is, instead of just loading the "ownstory.lua", the app seems to enter (or just display) the "ownstory.lua".



Simplyfied code:



local composer = require("composer")

composer.loadScene("ownstory", false)

composer.gotoScene("menue", {effect = "fade", time = 500})

because my "menue.lua" works pretty well, I jump directly into my "ownstory.lua":

local composer = require( "composer" )
local scene = composer.newScene()

-- variables for placing and resizing images 
local x_count = display.screenOriginX
local y_count = 0
local tilecount = 3

-- variable to access images
local img = {}

-- loading images
for n = 1, 26, 1 do
    local path = system.pathForFile( "img/tile_" .. n .. ".png", system.ResourceDirectory )
    if path ~= nil then
        print( "File exists" )
        img[n] = display.newImage("img/tile_" .. n .. ".png")
        print( "File does not exist!" )

function scene:create( event )
    local sceneGroup = self.view
    -- placing and resizing images
    for n = 1, 26, 1 do
        img[n].width = display.actualContentWidth/tilecount
        img[n].height = display.actualContentWidth/tilecount
        img[n].anchorY = 0
        img[n].anchorX = 0
        img[n].x = x_count
        img[n].y = y_count
        x_count = x_count + display.actualContentWidth/tilecount
        if x_count >= display.actualContentWidth then
            x_count = display.screenOriginX
            y_count = y_count + display.actualContentWidth/tilecount

I thought the composer.loadScene-function loads and hides the scene in the background - but somehow it displays the whole scene in the foreground.


Any ideas?



PS: In the simulator (Windows) everything runs fine, but as soon as I test on my Android phone, the trouble begins...


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