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How can I adjust background size so it doesn't stretch?
Started by raguilar Feb 10 2019 12:40 PM

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Here is a screenshot of my code so far and how the image is stretching to accommodate the screen size. How can I make the image look better? I'm EXTREMELY new to Lua and if someone could explain to me in heep a deep hur dur (very simply) I would be so appreciative. Thank you!

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XeduR @Spyric

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XeduR @Spyric
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You may have forgotten to include that screenshot, but that's alright. :D When posting code, please use the code formatting options here on the forum, i.e. the <> button.

Now, without seeing any of your code, I'm guessing that you are using a very small image or you are using display.newImage() instead of display.newImageRect(), the former of which does not automatically scale. Just in case, you might want to read up on:




If my guess didn't answer your question at all, then use the code formatting options and show us some of that code of yours. :P