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problems with wheel joint, too loose
Started by wernersbacher Feb 02 2019 02:16 PM

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Hey guys,


I try to build a car from a body, two wheel and 2 joints. It works, but when I put a value to big in as last parameter (> 45), the car is flying all around, bugging like hell.


I try to increase this value to make the spring more stiff, but it's not working like intended.


Some sample code:

local wheel1Joint = physics.newJoint("wheel", carShape, wheel[1], wheel[1].x, wheel[1].y, 1, 40);
wheel1Joint.isLimitEnabled = true
wheel1Joint.springFrequency = 3
wheel1Joint.springDampingRatio = 0.5

Hope there is someone who can help me out.


Kind regards