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Google Play 64-bit requirement
Started by kbradford Jan 31 2019 12:06 PM

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I tried using 4 ad plugins - applovin, vungle, supersonic, inmobi and none of them seem to be working.

Thanks for the report. I’d appreciate if you use separate topic for it and we’ll get those fixed. Some other ad networks work fine, an we’ll get onto ones you reported broken.

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I have the same situation.
I use Appodeal Beta but have no ads.
There is no error.
Please create a new topic on this issue.
Corona Labs Forums > Beta Testing > Android 64-bit testing

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Rob Miracle

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Rob Miracle
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If I understand the 'update' post correctly, and I build my game that I want to get to 'google play' by tomorrow, I can use  '3490'(that is NOT 64 bit) and even if I have to update that particular game next month or 5 months from now, I can do so without having to rebuild it as 64bit.  (at least until Aug 2020)


If I have that information correct, I think building my game that is now ready to be uploaded to goggle play on the 64bit version, which is apparently having issues with plugins and reportedly has some bugs, would be error prone and a hassle. It seems wise at this point to use the 3490 version for this particular game.


My other games I am working on, that are 'not' ready to release I will clearly have to use the 64 bit and work out any bugs over time.


Does that make any sense to anyone, or is releasing this game now using the 3490 really dumb?

Thanks for any input!


Yes, that is correct regarding the update process. There are two issues with plugins: ones that are out of date and need updated and ones that have 64-bit related issues (not having any 64-bit slices). 


So if you can release a new app before Aug 1 AND plugins are working with 3490 as expected, use 3490. If you have to make updates after Aug 1, you can continue to use 3490.


If you introduce a new app after Aug 1, you will have to use a 64-bit version. If you update after Aug 1, 2020 you will have to use a 64-bit version.


Now regarding plugins, if you having issues with them and 3490 or earlier, create a NEW thread in the appropriate "Corona Premium Plugins" forum or the "Corona Community Plugins folder". Make sure to include the version of Corona you're using. If you have issues with plugins working with a 64-bit version (3498 or later) bring them up in the Android 64-bit testing forum **in their own thread**


I'm going to lock this thread now as it has strayed away from its original intent and is way too long. 





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