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Physics engine questions
Started by efim.voinov Jan 27 2019 09:13 AM

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Hi all,


I am exploring Corona as an engine for the 2D physics car racing game (like Hill Climb)


I’ve tried creating a physics model of a 2D car with suspension (using either a combination of pivot + distance + piston joints OR a wheel joint), and it does not work as expected. I noticed that piston and wheel joints are not restricting movement in the expected manner. I’ve used the same Box2D model in other engine, and it worked just fine. Also, I checked Physics demo that comes with Corona, and noticed that wheel joints work quite strange there as well.


Having said that, I must admit, that in 95% of such cases the problem is not with the engine, but with my code :)




1) Do you guys have any simple example of a working 2D car / bike  model with suspension?

2) And another question - is it possible to make a fixed time step for the physics simulation in Corona? As I undestood from the forum, Corona uses framerate-based step which is variable.




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