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A feature request to control monetization plugins - vote if interested.
Started by MartingK Jan 23 2019 03:09 PM

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Many threads in this forum have the same familiar story: "Ads worked perfectly for me, but since my last release they create problems/crashes/ANRs etc, Why?  I didn't change a thing related to ads".


The reason behind this is that, in build time Corona takes the latest version of each plugin. while this sounds good, it strips devs from the ability to stick with plugin they tested and trust. and the next update of your game where you casually fix a minor typo, you might end up with a few new misbehaving ad networks SDKs.


I suggest:

- keep default behaviour of taking latest plugin version

- add an optional version flag in built.settings next to plugin, to stick with it

-Corona can, print a log message suggesting there is new version of this plugin, while building.


This better mimics normal native workflow.

this way devs can stick with a version that they tested and works for them, then they can take an informed decision to move up to a new version and test it, or rollback if there were crashes.


if interested cast your vote here